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Rose Online - Visitor's Guide

Character Creation
Before you can begin to play ROSE Online, you need to first register your username and password at http://www.mmook.com/rose_zuly.html. You will need to use Internet Explorer as your browser and accept the ActiveX plug-in, then click on Register in the bar at the top of the page.

Once your account is set up, go back to the website and download the game from the downloads page. You may also see zip files of the larger, more recent patches. Downloading and installing these after your initial install may save you some patching time. After the game has installed, click Play Game to start. You will then receive the most recent updates.

After accepting the User Agreement, enter the username and password you registered on the website, and then choose any of the shards that show up. You'll then come to the character select screen.

Click on create, choose a character name, gender, face, and hair. The Starting Point determines which part of Birth Island you begin on, but it has no effect on game play - the five starting points are identical. (If you want to begin on the same island as friends, be sure you all select the same Birth Island). You also get to pick your birth stone, but that currently has no effect on gameplay either, it simply places you on a different position on the starting island so you don't materialize with multiple other players.

If you are coming to rose zuly from a different MMORPG, you'll notice one distinct difference in the character creation process. In ROSE, everyone starts out as a Visitor for their first ten levels. Visitors have basic combat abilities but no magical abilities. Your healing will come from eating food. These first ten levels are designed to give you time to become familiar with the basics of the game without making a class choice which you can't go back and change later.

When you are happy with your character's appearance and name, click Complete; you'll see your character standing on one of the pedestals.

Click on your character and then Start to begin playing. You can also just double click the character you want to play to start as well.

Birth Island
The first thing you need to learn is how to move. Click where you want to go on the landscape and rose zuly you'll move to that spot. To move your camera around, right click and hold as you move the mouse. Find the exit in the stone circle, and head that way. You can also use the arrow keys to change where your camera is pointing. If you then use the forward arrow to move, your character will go in that direction for a few meters. Using the left and right arrow keys does not turn your character, but it does change which direction you are looking in.


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