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Action MMOG Rusty Hearts Debuts Its Promotion System

Rusty Hearts, an action MORPG based on medieval European castles and filled with cartoon-like characters, has already launched its first closed beta test in South Korea .

Four players are required to team up to complete quests in Rusty Hearts. Instead of anime style, the game presents actual-figure graphics. In addition to unique visual sensation, the game also features its promotion system, characters, races and storyline.

In Rusty Hearts, the promotion system is closely related to every character's story evolvement. After choosing a character, the game goes on according to a particular storyline(Rusty Hearts Gold). As soon as a character reaches Level 20, it can promote for the first time.

The first promotion will help update character weapons as well as their abilities, ability attributes, skills and skill attributes. Please note that some skill points will revert to zero in the course of promotion. If only the character hits Level 40, it can promote for the second time. After the 2nd promotion, the character will undergo changes in appearance and other aspects.

Each character will get into four growth phases. First, Harp Vampire Frantz Kruger can promote to be Awakening Vampire or RH Gold. Moreover, weapons will be updated as a character promotes. Consequently, with the use of different weapons, a character's fighting style and combo effects will be improved to some extent.


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