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Rusty Hearts is Ready for CBT

The Rusty Hearts closed beta is just a few short hours away!

You may now download your Rusty Hearts CBT Client. Pre-downloading the game will ensure that you are ready to play as soon as it opens up without having to wait. We HIGHLY recommend a pre-download just in case our servers get slammed with other Rusty Heads like yourself.

During the Rusty Hearts closed beta testing period, the in-game cash shop will be open and operational. This will give you the option to purchase new costumes and items to hook up your character. This will be for testing purposes only, and any money that you may spend in the game will be automatically refunded to your PWE Zen wallet when the closed beta period ends. This will allow us to properly test the shop and all of the items. Any items you acquire through the shop will not be transferrable to the open beta, but again, (Rusty Hearts Gold)all money spent will be automatically returned to your Zen wallet when the CBT is over.

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