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Rusty Hearts's 1st Developer Diary to Reveal Much Detail on Frantz

Rusty Hearts Closed Beta launches! Until now, Rusty Hearts has not revealed much detail on Frantz, the third main character in Rusty Hearts. This week, Perfect World Entertainment is releasing the fir..


Rusty Hearts: The Second Developer Diary to Detail PvP System

Rusty Hearts is coming, Perfect World Entertainment released the second Developer Diary video to detail the Rusty Hearts PvP system and a blog post get a sneak peek of the multiplayer experience in th..


Rusty Hearts Preview Hands-on

Rusty Hearts is a hack-slash dungeon crawler Mmorpg with Anime visuals and graphics, that is about to open its doors. Perfect World Entertainment which is the company behind this title has recently an..


Rusty Hearts is Ready for CBT

Rusty Hearts closed beta is just a few short hours away!Rusty Hearts Gold)all money spent will be automatically returned to your Zen wallet when the CBT is over.


Close-up of Rusty Hearts' Heroic Characters

Rusty Hearts Closed Beta and the new Battle of the Immortals: Titan Content Update, both coming at the end of this month.Rusty Hearts Gold), who is capable of powerful long-range attacks, team buff an..


Action MMOG Rusty Hearts Debuts Its Promotion System

Rusty Hearts, an action MORPG based on medieval European castles and filled with cartoon-like characters, has already launched its first closed beta test in South Korea .Rusty Hearts Gold). As soon as..


Rusty Hearts Preview Hands-on: Hack n Slash Combat Games Will Never Be the Same

Rusty Hearts Gold: The Game Story Line and CharactersThe Rusty Hearts storyline revolves around its Heroes, who want to defend the world peace, and combat against the Lord Vlad evil Forces. In fact, H..