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Cryptic May Follow Turbine to Make STO Free

Star Trek Online, I liked the game overall in the first place. I did note several shortcomings in my review, but thankfully most of those are a thing of the past now. Content updates such as Season On..


Star Trek Online Going Free-To-Play

Star Trek Online free-to-play like its Champions Online, and now Cryptics parent company, Perfect World, has decided to make it so.


Win Star Trek Online and film

Star Trek Online is a massive online role-playing game for PC based on where you are captain of a spaceship to explore the universe for new planets, races and civilizations. Known and loved the Star T..


Star Trek-The Continuing Mission

sto credits), which can be downloaded free of charge for the creators website in mp3 format. The series only available in English, but is well familiar with the language you should listen to any of th..


Design Star Trek Onlines Next Enterprise

Star Trek Online, they are the voyages of whatever you have cared to name your ship. Now though, CBS and Cryptics Star Trek Online are offering you the chance to design the next USS Enterprise and hav..


STO:Tightening Your Wallet for STO

Want to train your character? How can you do without gold item? Boring of farming gold yourself ? Lets do it for you! Come to experience our service,pay less and get faster delivery,safer trading and..