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Design Star Trek Onlines Next Enterprise

On television, they are the voyages of the USS Enterprise, as imagined by writers and artists throughout the years. In Star Trek Online, they are the voyages of whatever you have cared to name your ship. Now though, CBS and Cryptics Star Trek Online are offering you the chance to design the next USS Enterprise and have it included in STO.


"We're working with our friends at CBS and Intel to turn the design of the next Enterprise over to you, Star Trek's most dedicated fans. We'll convert the best design into a ship in Star Trek Online, but that's not where it stops. Here's what contestants can win:


- Grand Prize: Custom, STO-painted Alienware M11x laptop; STO Collector's Edition; STO Lifetime Membership; inclusion of design in STO; and a 3-D model of the winning design.

- Second Prize: Alienware laptop (no custom paint job), STO Collector's Edition and an sto credits Lifetime Membership.

- Third Prize: STO Collector's Edition, STO Lifetime Membership and an Intel Core i7-875k processor.

- Fourth Prize: STO Collector's Edition and an STO Lifetime Membership.

- Twenty-one Honorable Mentions: Standard-edition copy of sto credits and a Star Trek Online poster."


There's plenty of inspiration to draw on. From Earths first Warp 5 NX-01 Enterprise to the briefly glimpsed Enterprise-J.


The competition opens on December 9th.


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