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Star Trek-The Continuing Mission

The latest episode of the series "We Will Control All That You See and Hear" title is displayed.

The only audio-based, fan-created series has a total of five episodes were produced(sto credits), which can be downloaded free of charge for the creators website in mp3 format. The series only available in English, but is well familiar with the language you should listen to any of the episodes. The episodes of the series website can be found outside the conversation, which are well-known Star Trek characters, or even Gene Roddenberry made. The latest trailer part at the following link to listen.

82 Gala celebrates a total of 24 films in the category of reward. For us unfortunate news is that the XI. Star Trek of sto credits movie(star trek credits), only 4 categories nominated for an Academy Award(star trek credits). The latest movie makeup, sound editing, hangkeverés, and visual effects (I do not know the proper names, and colleagues opcsi correct, if I wrote something wrong) category was nominated for the prestigious recognition of film industry(star trek credit).


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