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Further Changes of Tibia

While you can participate in the cooking event all by yourself in


, you will have to team up with others for the next event.Further Changes...
In this week's update teaser, we would like to inform you about a couple of further changes that this year's summer update will bring.

In November, when winter is around the corner, deadly shadows threaten the lands of Tibia Gold Demonic and evil creatures are lurking in the dark corners, ready to attack.

There will be changes in raids. The Horned Fox and Demodras, for example, have decided to vary their behaviour a bit(tibia gold). They might surprise you in different areas now, so be careful.

Also, from now on, you will be able to participate in two new events. Already in August, you can become an assistant of Jean Pierre, who is a true chef. If you are worthy, he will share some of his most secret recipes with you. He creates dishes you would have never dreamed of.

Eating some of his delicious meals will have really astonishing side effects. They are so amazing that you can only prepare them once by yourself during the following year if you have successfully completed your apprenticeship.

For example, one meal causes your muscles to grow and your melee fighting skills to enhance temporarily. Another meal will refill all your mana at once(tibia money). You do not have to worry about forgetting the recipes you learn from Jean Pierre, since he will give you a cookbook as well.

When Jean Pierre comes back next year, you can visit him again and brush up on your cooking abilities. You will then be able to cook his wonderful dishes once again.

Light is the only protection Tibia Gold inhabitants have against these creatures. You and your friends can help preventing attacks from these dark and evil beings if you manage to keep ten lights burning for five days.You can buy tibia gold.


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