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How to collect money in Tibia

Tibia makes us know that we need have some basic things to enter into levels, and we can get things by our own abilities. Arriving at these friends is certainly penniless, and then the initial start up stage how can quickly accumulate their own basic fund. No way, everyone on the first play kill monster bar. When the initial funds accumulated, everyone would go there to buy on a street vendor NPC mining shovel, so that the first step out of the rich. Because of mining shoves, everyone would be able to collect a wide variety of materials, Tibia Gold such as herbs, timber and minerals and so on.

Collection of materials that are not friends of the lack of awareness of this collection of materials from anywhere is a very serious, although the roadside flora is very fragmented and not how to collect money too easy, but if there is conscious all the way down to collect the number of money is very considerable. Hired the material later, we can go to town, the general set up a stall in the town. There will be players to collect materials to get tibia gold, and we need pay attention to enemies.



In addition, the study also posts production skills, weapons and armor on the mosaic.tibia money Mosaic on the premise that must be with a hole in weapons, armor and the properties of precious stones, these props or access to means of production for the kill monster needed items can be inlaid into the city blacksmiths, tailors department to conduct mosaic. Mosaic is the need to spend a certain fee, the use of different levels of goods and different grades of stones costs spent on consumption of different attributes are divided into five kinds of precious stones, precious stones attached to different types of property different from the same stones are also different between grades, grade the higher the higher the increase in property values.You can buy tibia gold.



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