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The brave Tibian souls in Tibia Online

First of all, the legendary city of Carlin has undergone a fundamental revamp in Tibia Online . It is now a true symbol of female elegance and has regained its medieval and dignified charm.

The Carlin castle shines again in all its Tibia gold , so does Edron's castle which has been renovated together with several guildhalls and houses in and around Edron and Thais. Stop by as soon as your journey takes you past these cities. With their renewed looks they are really worth a visit.

Plenty of new quests are available for brave Tibian souls. Those who just started out their adventurer career are advised to do the Pilgrimage of Ashes, a guided round trip tour to meet five of the famous givers of blessings.

Others might be interested in helping Eclesius, the scatterbrained sorcerer, with some of his most important tasks. He pays well and also rewards his helpers with some precious experience.

The more Tibia gold experienced adventurers can prove themselves by retrieving long lost artefacts of golem technology, and thereby facing the dangerous Shadows of Yalahar. Furthermore, Rapanaio, the dwarf, has some very weird stories to tell. Will you be courageous enough to set a foot on the Isle of Evil?

Moreover, a couple of new tasks are being offered by some elected citizens. They are looking for adventurers who help them fight threatening monster hordes that roam the lands. But be careful: you might take the risk to face the monsters' powerful bosses during your hunt!

Two new events are going to take place this year. In August, Jean Pierre, a true chef, is ready to share his most secret recipes with you. With his help you will be able to prepare some really delicate dishes which have quite amazing effects for the ones who eat them.

Later, in November, the Lightbearer Event will take place, a huge spectacle that requires many people to actually work together. Your mission is to keep ten lights which are scattered throughout Tibia gold burning for five days. If you fail, evil will break loose and threaten Tibia's inhabitants.


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