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4Story Guide for Fairy assassin

But seriously now, he was a Fairy Assassin and did a darn good job at that. Essentially, as a Fairy, you will lose physical attack power and HP in 4Story, but make gains in Magical Attack Power and your Wisdom.

Unless you want to use Spirit of Goddess potions all day(4story gold), the Magic Attack Power will be useless. This might make a difference, but we would say that we don't really think you will be dodging all that many more magic attacks with a relatively small gain.

So in short, the change doesn't really look beneficial, but for the most part, it's playable. We suppose it will come down to more of your own opinion. Race doesn't play a massive part in 4Story to be honest. Some of your stats will change based on which race you choose, but the changes are not so drastic to where playing any race as any class( 4 story gold) is hopeless or a waste, just a little less effective.


Thank you for reading.See you next time!^_^


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