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Guides for C9 beginners part three

There will be different skills in each instance with much blood. The instance under the master stage will have a blood bar for players. When facing the BOSS, players should exert their skills trained before. The BOSS is a difficult enemy, so players need to switch between dodging, defense and attack skills to give it powerful and c9 gold effective damage. After killing the BOSS, player can go to the next stage. One thing to be reminded: Open the box first to get your reward, and then leave the instance. Of course the box won't pop out in your screen, you shoul look for it.

Fundamental factors to enhance the strength-Equipment and skills

Equipment can be purchased in the c9 gold largest house in the village, which are mainly the basic equipment, and the price is also high. Better way for that is the equipment received during fight in instance.

For the skills in C9(buy c9 gold), they are divided into two kinds: Active skills and Operation skills. Active skills can be placed on the shortcut bar, and some also have a special operating keys, you can use it by the combination of keyboard and mouse button.

Operational skills can not be placed on the shortcut bar, they are all C9 Online Gold action class skills, such as pre-roll, side jump, shield defense, or quick jump at the moment lying on the ground. All these operational skills C9 Online Gold need operation to be released. So this can largely practice the players' operation skills.

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