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Info for ROL Drop in Cabal

RoL +2 is happen when your level(cheap Cabal Alz) up to 50. Misquitter queen was the hardest mob and it is the only mobs drops RoL +2 when cabal was on level 50 cap. And after the Cabal NA version cames out, Mobs no longer drops RoL +2 in the cabal Korean and so is NA version. ESoft decide the RoL+2 will be the rarest item.

Most player are not sure about where to find RoL+2. Some cabal alz  player said Mutant forest in Cabal. and others said rol+2 drops in mutant forest mobs: lobatum So it makes the price of ROL more than 20 billion. So we know it is very rare in Cabal. In EU server, there have some on the action house and price is about 5 or 7, the lowest price, and the most common here is 50kk or 100kk at most.You can buy alz.

So they actually put down couple RW3 for it. Cabal kr players think NA doesnt have any RoL+2 at all after cabal NA was up, ROL+2 drop rate dropped completely. RoL+2 on US version is super rare and there are prolly 1-3 RoL+2 per server. Because Force classes are very critical, so FA needs m Amp and Crit Dmg. Use our cabal gold  service will make the game more interesting.


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