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Wining item for Cabal

The Chanter is one of the two advanced classes; at Level 10(Cabal Powerleveling) , after Ascension, the Priest archetype can choose this class. The Chanter of Cabal is a melee-heavy class that inflicts damage through stuns, crowd control and debuffs while still being able to maintain above average direct melee damage. Mantras, various chain attacks, debuffs make the Chanter extremely valuable to groups.

This subclass is able to DPS and holds their own in solo combat while still having the common abilities and strengths that most players have come to expect from any cabal alz class labeled.



These are instant cast ability buffs that will remain in place until they are manually turned off or the Chanter dies in battle. You can buy alz.These mantras are automatically given to any party members that are within its stated range. Another nice benefit of the Cabal Alz Mantra system is that a player does not have to pick and choose which Mantra to use - they are stackable, so any Mantras that the Chanter knows can be turned on for the partys benefit. Between levels 10 and 20 there are four separate Mantras that the Chanter can learn in game( cabal gold).




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