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Champions Online: Free for All

A few days ago Cryptic Studios relaunched their super hero MMO Champions Online, now dubbed Champions Online: Free for All. They must have heard me talking about the game, since this was one of those Pay-to-Plays I enjoyed, but not enough to pay the subscription. I just hate it when game developers spy on conversations. Or maybe the spying is a good thing, because it means that I get everything I wanted -- Champions and without the price tag.

The Free for All version of CO offers the following:

Play Everything – With the exception of special Adventure Packs, all the content in Champions Online: Free For All is available to every player. Once a player enters a location within the MMO game world, nothing is off-limits!
Unlimited Play Time – Play as much as you like, as long as you like, at absolutely no cost. No subscription or credit card required.
Your Own Hero, Your Own Story – Become a hero, encounter his or her Nemesis, and advance to maximum level at no cost.
Play Your Way – Utilize the optional web-based and in-game C-Store to purchase gameplay upgrades or additional premium content.

I like the idea of all content available to all players. That makes it much more fun than limiting levels ore zones the way some other MMO F2P transitions have gone down. With beautiful graphics and one of the gest character creation systems around,(Champions Online Gold) Champions Online is definitely worth checking out, especially now that it's F2P. Now I just have to decide which hero I'm going to create first.

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