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Animation Action MMO Elsword Preview: Smart PvP Mode

Korean cartoon-style adventurous action MMO Elsword will kick off in Taiwan, with three in-game playable classes: Swordsman, Archer and Mage unveiled for the first time and its official website will also be released soon. 

Elsword gives rise to the strong visual impact on 3D graphics combined with cel-shaded characters. More difficult stages and MMO elements enrich and spice up the whole game. Elsword ED depicts the evil force hidden in the dark intruded on Alios temple secretly with the purpose of taking away El Stone during the memorial ceremony. When a fierce war was ongoing between the evil and the guardians, all of a sudden El Stone was suffered severely assault and cracked.

The stone shards spread over the Alios land. Losing the protection of El Stone, Alios was overtaken by darkness. Creatures that carelessly touched a stone shard changed into irascible monsters and endangered humans. Elite adventure army named Elsword has made up their mind to look for the shards from all sides and confront the future full of unknown dangers in order to bring Alios back to a bright and flourishing world.

Players cannot progress to the next stage until they succeed in the previous one. Certainly, they are able to choose the stage difficulty. The more Elsword Gold of a stage, the cleverer of the monsters there and more advanced items will be dropped. How many stages on earth are waiting for the adventure army? Find the answer yourself! Take care and be prepared, an adventure for defending light will begin!

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