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Mage uses magical skills to attack

Mage uses magical skills to attack and usually don?t do much physical damage. Mage?s normal skills are noy very strong in this game but they have the most powerful XP Skill. A mage will depend on their XP Skills to level up.

From level 1 - 30 you may find that it is hard to level a Mage as it?s magical damage isn?t very high. Try and get yourself power leveled to level 30 so you can get the skill Rage and ThunderBolt.


When you first begin the game as a Mage you will have two Mage Eudemons. Once you get to level 30 you want to use Warrior Eudemons (Warrior6 is a good one to use) so that you can Con with it (infuse with it so that their defense becomes yours). It will help you survive more than a Mage Eudomon at the beginning.

Here is the eudemons you should use at each stage(Eudemons Online Gold):

Level 1 - 10
MageEudemon5 + MageEudemon5

Level 11 - 50
WarriorEudemon6 + WarriorEudemon6 (conbime with it to get more defense and hp)

Note: Compose your WarriorEudemon6 together.

Level 50+
MageEudemon7 (teach it Rage when it reaches third form, it will increase your rage damage loads and also range as well because it will attack monsters in its range too) + WarriorEudemon6 (combine with warrior6 so it will tank for you)

You want to keep composing Mage7s to make a powerful Mage7 and it is easy to make as they are not rare. Good Warrior6 may be harder to get as they are a bit rarer than Mage7s.

Note: If you find it hard to make a Warrior6 then try making warrior5 instead. It defense isn?t as good as warrior6 but it?s good enough to tank for you.

Leveling Guide

Level 1 - 4
Mad Bull

Level 4 - 10
Green Giant

Level 11 - 15
Gnomes and Dragonkin

Level 16 - 30
Eyeball and Banshee
(best to powerlevel with high level players to level 30)

Note: When you reach level 22 you need to buy the skill Sneak. This skill allows you to move round monsters without them noticing you. Once you have obtained this skill you want go to into the Training Ground (go the market then top right of the map and speak to the guard). Put Sneak into your hotkey. Inside TG you want to stand anywhere and put a book or something heavy to hold down your Sneak hotkey so it will keep casting it. Keep doing this untill it is level 3 (it will last 2mins). This will take about 30mins.

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