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Mage uses magical skills to attack

Level 30 + training format:
(At this stage you want to go to Elven City and buy yourself the skill Rage and ThunderBolt (best XP skills for a Mage).)
From here on you will train differently from warriors and the way you trained before. All you need is two skills; (Eudemons Online Gold)Sneak and Rage (or ThunderBolt but Rage is recommended).

You want to use Sneak to move about monsters and find yourself a big spawn somewhere. Wait there (remember to use sneak once it runs out) and once XP Skill is activated you want to use Rage and kill that big spawn and move about and try and kill as much as possible (don?t bother to pick anything up unless its variable e.g. Stones).

After XP skill has finish you want to immediately use Sneak so you don?t die. Then sneak around the place you just killed and pick up all your money and items. And then sneak around and look for a big spawn and so on.

You must always train in a team! Your team members do not always have to be on the same map as you, but you must train in a team.

Level 30 - 33
BigFang - GobiDesert (396,366: near the entrance of the city)

Level 34 - 37
Golem - GobiDesert (378,194: top right of the map)

Level 38 - 42
SandPincer - GobliDesert (842, 724)

Level 43 - 46
GhostKnight - GobliDesert (664 , 849)

Level 47 - 51
Ghost - DreamMash
(251 , 142)

Tip: You might want to look around the area you are training at and try and find a spot that no monsters spawn at (that doesn?t mean they don?t walk over there though). If your Warrior6/5 is not strong enough you will want to run back to that spot before Rage runs out so you and your Warrior6 don?t die.

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