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Fiesta Mage Builds guide

Which character do you play in Fiesta online? Mage? If so, this Fiesta Online Mage Builds Guide may be useful for you. This guide is made by Liala. I collect it and hope it can help some of you:


There are several mage builds, the most popular three are:


1. Full INT
2. Full SPR
3. Hybrid: 25 SPR; Rest INT


Full INT - Intelligence increases magic damage. Some mages believe to do the most damage they must go full Intelligence


Full SPR – Spirit increases critical rate (chance of getting double + fiesta gold), and magic defence (good against magic using monsters and other magic users in PVP), it also raises the amount of SP you have. Some mages hope that at high levels their high critical rate will make them out damage the other builds.


Hybrid: 25 SPR; Rest INT – +25 fiesta online gold Spirit gives a 5% critical rate bonus. After 25 points, Spirit decreases in benefit. This guide recommends this build.


Why Hybrid?
It’s been shown time and time again that on average the Hybrid mage will out damage both the Full INT mage and Full SPR mage. Hybrids have more SP, higher Magic defence and a higher critical rate then their INT Counterparts, and they have more magic damage then their SPR Counterparts.


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