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LOCO Guide for Modes

It has all items that you can buy in Land of Chaos Online, whenever you are near the store you can buy the items cheaper but if you move away from store you are still able to buy items but it costs alot more.


Temple regenerates mp and hp when you stand nearby it.

Training Camp

Training Camp is an upgradable building that lets you upgrade HP(Loco Gold), Defense and MP by 10% first upgrade, 20% second upgrade and 30% third upgrade. It costs 1000 gold for first time, 2000 second and 3000 for third. Great way to help tanks in the game or weak players.

Recall Point

Recall Point is another upgradable building, you can only upgrade it once and upgrading it reduces the cooldown on your recall ability.

Base Points

Base Points are towers that defend your base, they are immune to most skills and they damage + slow enemies it hit. Each base point contains "Giant Weapon" this lets you summon a giant monster that will attack the enemy base, it has tons of hp and deals small amount of damage, you can summon one from each tower, it costs 1350 gold and can only be summoned at a certain point in the game.

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