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Live Your Way in Mabinogi

Mabinogi has a house system, a marriage system, and the most perfect professions system we have seen in a game. You can take many professions, do you like. the creative part, when you blacksmith or ta..


Mabinogi Guide for Shadow Missions

Mabinogi, you can break two no enemy retaliation (agro pre-alpha -). In some cases, Windmilling above, you would be fatal did not have time to go to pot, and will have no time to backup to think of th..


Mabinogi Sea Gold

mabinogi game together with my friend at home. He play the game better than me. He is a proffesional guy in buying cheap mabinogi.I always asked him when I met some problem that I can not solve. My ac..


Free online game

must be wondering, what makes mabinogi gold so special? Well, here are a few things: The Combat systemMabinogis 2.0 battle system is truly amazing. mabinogi gold battles run on a RTS (real time strate..


Another way to upgrade for Mabinogi newbie

mabinogi gold brings a lot of fun and happy time for all the players. If you liked Mabinogi Online, decide to play for a long time, and hope to play out of an appearance, understanding a few new frien..


Beginners Combat and Dungeons Guide

mabinogi is about the stun, the knockbacks , correct use of skills and timing.The stun system would look something like this-first hit will stun the enemy for a short time,the second one will stun him..


Challenges of Localization in Different Regions with Mabinogi

Mabinogi game, but to take a countrys situation and tradition into heart and to realize that you can accrue new wisdom, even at our age, is truly enlightening.mabinogi gold is the various cultural dif..