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Beginners Combat and Dungeons Guide

Basic Combat

Combat in mabinogi is about the stun, the knockbacks , correct use of skills and timing.
The stun system would look something like this-

Each hit moves the state of the target to the right:

stun > stun > knockback > knock down > stand up.

For example if we fully load icebolt and shoot them all 5 quickly, our
first hit will stun the enemy for a short time,
the second one will stun him again,
the third bolt will knock him back,
the fourth bolt will knock him down
and the 5th bolt will interrupt his animation making the enemy run after you quickly mabinogi gold(Thats why is recommended to wait a bit after 4th bolt.).

But the above graph is only for 3 hit weapons, magic or ranged attacks.

A 2 hit weapon would have one less stun state.

stun > knockback.

Stun time gives you the chance to do some skills, while knockback/down gives you more time.
Slower weapons make the stun last longer mabinogi gold.


First few things a new person is going to fight are Spiders and Wolves. These mobs have basics AIs, so is a good place to practice basic tactics.
Click on links for demonstration.

N+Defense : Right when you start doing your last hit of the combo activate defense to block the upcoming monsters attack, after defending yourself you can then perform another combo.
This is the most basic tactic, practice on spiders if you want mabinogi gold.

N+Counter : Instead of doing defense activate counter, after the attack is done activate defense.
This tactic might be easier for those people that can't yet cancel defense skill quickly enough to counter a smash attack. Unless you have higher counter rank, doing defense is recommended since a full combo with your weapon will probably do more damage than counter mabinogi gold. (Of course, if your defense doesnt block much damage, use counter).

Of course, the mobs won't always just come right after you when you finish your combo.
Most Spiders only have the defense skill. So they might use it after you finish your combo or after you counter. As you should know, smash ignores the enemy defense skill, so activate smash right after you see a spider doing a skill mabinogi gold.

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