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simulation by Nexon, the company that brought us the most popular online game in the world, Maple Story. Yes, there are many MMORPG's out there, so you
must be wondering, what makes mabinogi gold so special? Well, here are a few things:
The Combat system
Mabinogi's 2.0 battle system is truly amazing. mabinogi gold battles run on a RTS (real time strategy) battle system. You are able to decide between combination attacks, defensive skills, and special attacks. The entire system relies on the player to read the opponent's attacks. Exactly like the website says, "Easy to use, difficult to master!" Never before has this been done.
The Skill System
The skill system in mabinogi gold encourages players to try new things, for the only way to acquire new skills is by trying to use them. For example, the only way to acquire the play instrument skill is by actually equipping an instrument. This way, players will be encouraged to try new things. Also, the only way to increase your proficiency in a skill is by continuous use of a skill. This makes the game more realistic by making you practice to get better.
Part Time Jobs
Fighting is not the only way to level up in mabinogi gold . You can help out the townsfolk by running errands. These errands can include anything from gathering minerals to deliveries. This part time job system gives people new reasons to play a mmo other than regular fighting.
Dungeon System
mabinogi money limitless dungeon generates a new dungeon experience for you every time. This dungeon system makes sure that dungeons are always fun and never get boring. And Mabinogi's dungeon system has a private dungeon feature so you can complete dungeons with your friends with no outside interference.
Production System
Using the production system in mabinogi money, you can create your own unique items. This goes along with the part time job system for you may need production skills to finish some jobs. By using this production system, players can make their own super items which make the game more fun and a lot easier.

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