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Another way to upgrade for Mabinogi newbie

mabinogi gold brings a lot of fun and happy time for all the players. If you liked Mabinogi Online, decide to play for a long time, and hope to play out of an appearance, understanding a few new friends, and then please continue to read:

It has existed that touching giant statue to open the wizard to upgrade. But many newbie have not heard yet, so I will explain it now: At First, the touch stone for more than 3 to open when they left and, therefore, require a computer configuration can not be too bad. Touch is the giant statue of the wizard to do the village of 19 expeditions. Collection of five giant stone statue fragments and the giant ice is very similar to the previous feeling. This task is only human beings and the wizard can do. To remove the cost of a task group to take a giant statue of debris can be for 396 adventure experience, 1576G, 2958 experience. So do not look for cheap mabinogi again, you can make it by yourself.

Giant statue sometimes touched the heart of a heart a group of debris +100 adventure experiences. The location of touch is the giant statue Launcher desert south, need-to-back empty-handed touch detector. To open up giant statues of the effectiveness of touch does not combat capability for the early novice is also a very good choice

At the same time you are able to gain experience, adventure experience and mabinogi money, efficiency does not slow, veteran is able to do so can also use this method. The disadvantage is that, we must first go to explorer to rise 19 to do this task.

When touch and delivery time, the task is very boring. Only applies to the novice and can not be delayed too kill monsters person. Be able to fight, go to the game is definitely better than high or shadows touch stone fast.

We can know mabinogi online gold is very funny and important in game. If you really can not get much money in game, you can choose to buy mabinogi gold. It is ok for newbie as long as you can play Mabinogi all the time.


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