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SWG:How important is story anyway

swg credits) is a prime example of this. What happens if we take this concept and put it in a setting where there are thousands of people playing the same game or even competing in some cases? You get..


Game Features

Star Wars Galaxies offers a host of features to enhance your gameplay and help you better realize your adventures in the Galactic Civil War. Below is listed a number of these features and you can rest..


How to be Entertained

Constitution Luck Precision Stamina Strength Each of these adds 30 to attribute per package (swg credits).Critical Hit - 7% bonus to crit hit chance Dodge - 7% bonus to dodge chance MISCELLANEOUS - Co..


Leveling your new character

Ive played SWG Credits since 2004 and I have gone through all of the major changes in the game since. In that time, I have leveled up more combat characters than I care to disclose, but it has been a ..