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Game Features

Star Wars Galaxies offers a host of features to enhance your gameplay and help you better realize your adventures in the Galactic Civil War. Below is listed a number of these features and you can rest assured that Sony is constantly working on adding more.

Entirely new 3D engine designed to portray the Star Wars galaxy in the greatest possible detail
A seamless universe spanning ten fully-realized Star Wars worlds, from the films and expanded universe, each with over 15 x 15 kilometers of explorable terrain
Define your own role in the galaxy with 8 playable species and over 30 professions; become bounty hunters, smugglers, squad leaders and more swg credits!
Many social skills including dancing, musicianship and image designer
Advanced character customization tool that allows you to define nearly every detail of your character’s appearance
Grow your character with an in-depth and flexible skill-based system of advancement
Highly configurable User Interface (star war galaxies credits)
Highly cinematic and tactical combat system that focuses on blasters and other ranged weapons
Ally and fight with the Rebel or Imperial sides of the Galactic Civil War, or remain neutral
Rewarding faction system that allows players to gain special perks by fighting in the Galactic Civil War
Battlefields, where players can square off against one another or NPCs to earn faction standing .You can buy swg credits.

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