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How to be Entertained

Entertainer Buffs

Master "Artiste Specialized" Entertainers can build a 20-point buff from the following menu. Entertainers with some expertise in drama or Beast Mastery can still buff you but may not have all 20 points available, and may be missing a few of the less-popular buffs.


ATTRIBUTES - Cost 1 each - stack up to 5

Each of these adds 30 to attribute per package (swg credits).


COMBAT - Cost 5 each - cannot stack

Action Cost Reduction - 9%
Critical Hit - 7% bonus to crit hit chance
Dodge - 7% bonus to dodge chance
MISCELLANEOUS - Cost 2 each - stack up to 5 except for Second Chance - Stack up to 4


Flush With Success (or "XP buff") - 3% increase/pkg in the amount of XP earned (15% max)
Harvest Faire - 1% increase/pkg on the number of resources gathered with harvesters (5% max)
Healer - Increase the strength of your heals by 2%/pkg (10% max)
Resilience (or "DOT resist") - Reduce the amount of damage received by DOT effects by 4%/pkg (20% max) (star war galaxies credits)


Go With The Flow (or "Speed buff") - Increase all movement rates by 5%/pkg. Note: This affects run and walk speed as well as ground vehicle speed. Excellent for resource surveying, smuggler missions, or any activity requiring lots of ground travel.
Second Chance (or "Reactive heal" or "Heal chance") - 6% chance/pkg to automatically heal damage when hit in combat (24% max)
RESISTANCES - Cost 1 each - stack up to 5 (buy swg credits)


Energy - 750 to resistance/pkg
Kinetic - 750 to resistance/pkg
TRADE - Cost 2 each - stack up to 5


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