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Leveling your new character

This week's Friday Feature comes to us from one of our many dedicated players of Star Wars Galaxies: Melvar, a member of the Rebel Faction and from the Eclipse Galaxy. I have noticed many of his posts regarding helping new players as well as returning vets on how to level a new character. I have used many of these techniques lately and have found them to be very helpful. For the veterans that have returned after being away, this may be helpful to you as well. 

About me and why I wrote this guide
I've played SWG Credits since 2004 and I have gone through all of the major changes in the game since. In that time, I have leveled up more combat characters than I care to disclose, but it has been a while.

To give some perspective, I think the last character I leveled up was when Restuss was first destroyed. Had I not already leveled so many SWG Credits , I most likely wouldn't have employed this technique because it really sets you up with a disadvantage as a player to "power level". But since it was the last character that I needed to level up, I used it. To be clear though, this is NOT a power leveling guide.

A friend of mine was upset that after quickly achieving combat level 30, it became increasingly difficult to level his character. To help my friend, I decided to level yet another character and within 48 hours, I had my character up to level 45. To help others that may be having difficulties leveling, I decided to write down what I have done to level my characters in SWG Credits .

If this is your first character, I would encourage you to try to read everything and take the "level grind" at your own pace. There is something to be said for people trying to motivate you to progress up to level 90, but don't let ANYONE push you to grind. Parts of this guide will help you to level your character(s) quickly and you may miss certain features of the SWG Credits game that you wouldn't otherwise.

Tansarii Station
If you are a new player and want to get into the whole storyline of the game, I strongly suggest you do the tutorial mission on Tansarii station and skip the next part. If you are in a hurry to get past the training session and into the real game, then this section is for you. The first thing you'll need to do is get off of Tansarii station. The easiest way to do this is to go down to the lowest level and kill the malfunctioning droids. Just keep killing them as long as you can stand it. You only need to get to level 5, but theoretically you could use this to grind much further.


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