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4Story Titans is archer guide

Here is the 4Story guide for Titans' archer , if you also want to do this build you can read the following information as a reference .


Bow vs. Crosbow

this is quite a simple argument, if skills were used less often and various attack speed enhancements etc. weren't so easy to get and more skills needed cast times then bows would have more use with their quick attack and cast speed in 4Story Gold .

However this is not the case and skills like rain of arrows and sharp & continuous arrow and snipe (with its % dmg) take over in 4 story gold both pvp and pve. this means the more dmg u can do with each individual hit more important (and can become the difference between a 2 or 3 hit kill and a 3 or 4 hit kill). so basically use a crossbow especially once u get all your skills.

Sword and Dagger vs. Two Handed Sword

another equally simple argument. since you rarely use physical attacks then it is sword and dagger all the way for maximum option potential. (oh yeah!)

heavy leather armor vs. lightweight armor

another fairly simple comparison though without a definate answer. use heavy leather for more magic (4story gold)defense and lghtweight armor for more physical defence (the difference is really negligable since it really depends on the +upgrade of your armor.


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