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9Dragon A little Tip about raising buff lvls

9Dragons ? OK , read the following steps , you will know how to do ...NOTICE: all the steps are considered legitimate. If you think AFK-leveling is legit, this method is just an advanced version 9 dra..


9Dragon:The best clans for Warriors

9 Dragons Online .We will introduce the best clans for Warriors in 9 Dragon gold .if you are interested in it ,please read it up.Hope the article can help you. I believe you will learn something from ..


Useful Abbreviations to 9Dragons Players

9 dragons gold , you should know these basic terms of game language . Please have a look !BE - Blood Essence (rare item) def - Defense epi - Epithet EW - External Wounds HZ - Hangzhou (map) JN - Jinan..


Weapon status which brings to Hermit in 9Dragons

9Dragons to share with you, hope you like, we have to say hermit weapons are pretty useful,you become rich after sell them, and when it GL+ refined Hermit weapons players repeat are like a treasure .9..