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Weapon status which brings to Hermit in 9Dragons

Hello,glad to see you here,this is Goldceo,I have some summary about the hermit weapon of 9Dragons to share with you, hope you like, we have to say hermit weapons are pretty useful,you become rich after sell them, and when it GL+ refined Hermit weapons players repeat are like a treasure .

FOR now, wats is so special to us:

Hermit weapons have 3 slots, after the new patch 81,that mean you can add extra 1 slot and make it 4 slots,it was meant to be the patch 79 or 80 but due to some bug,presently we cannot add a slot to the hermit weapons.they also have very high balance which means you rarely get ext wounds and help us save more time on grinding .

We also need to get a hermit weapon above +7 it is a real luck these days.when CS level we get RL level hermit weapons. People at RL levels don't have much 9 dragons gold Gold to sell them for much.we end up for just selling them to an NPC. so if you had a low level character they would be good for something but thats all. In general they are a bit higher damage than an equivalent weapon and of course they have the three slots but other than that they are pretty worthless
Some players thought they are stumped. when got two sets of Hermit weapons but they are low lvl ( 9 dragons gold powerleveling ) ; each carries 3 slots. not very creative of Acclaim.

You see a random act of kindness in the worksWhy that they dropping at the SM level in the game, maybe you missing something here,there is something special about the Hermit's weapons, But still do not forget they are worthless to an SM.

All above contents is not my work,which i Summary from the other website, Thanks for reading !



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