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9Dragon:The best clans for Warriors

Hello,this is 9 Dragons Online .We will introduce the best clans for Warriors in 9 Dragon gold .if you are interested in it ,please read it up.Hope the article can help you. I believe you will learn something from it.

 Brotherhood of Thieves Warrior Bandit
Warrior Bandits train Ji Longfeng's Divine Spear techniques, then take their rightful place as soldiers on the frontline. Warriors learn how to focus their energy and driving force, and to become of single mind with their weapons, like living spears.

 Shaolin Luohan Monk
Luohan Monks do not fear death, knowing it for a mere transition to other states. And so, with this conviction firmly in mind, they step forward to the front lines of combat with unmatched confidence. They train in all manner of Shaolin’s polearm techniques, and several types of Xumi Arts designed to reform Evil in 9 Dragon gold .

 The League of Beggars Vanguard Beggar
Vanguard Beggars are The League's muscle. They stand in the front lines to fight opponents and protect innocents. Vanguards concentrate their training on mastering aggressive Kung Fu and Staff maneuvers.

 Wu-Tang Blue Dragon
Wu-Tang is The Clan of Divine Sword, and it has been bruited that Blue Dragons, who hold the frontlines in combat, are the reason why. They master the slow, supple techniques of Cloud Swords and the fast, unpredictable techniques of Wind Swords. They also learn Arts of Xuanxu, which neutralize negative internal energy to cultivate both mind and body in 9 Dragon gold .

 Heavenly Demon Blood Demon
Offense is the only acceptable defense for Blood Demons, who are always the first to rush into battle; so those who fear death in any form cannot become Bloods. Blood Demons wield Heavenly Demon’s savage saber techniques and powerful Demonic Confusion Arts.

 Sacred Flower Mistress of War
Mistresses of War are imbued with the aggressive nature of the Holy Mistress, and will step forward in battle as bravely as any man. They train with the deadly Flying Wheel and Butterfly Wheel combat techniques, and may also become proficient with charms of Enchanting Spirits to confound their opponents of 9 Dragon gold .

 If you are a first time player and/or this is your first warrior, I strongly recommend Thieves. Sacred Flower warriors, even thought they are a vast majority in the clan, and I have one myself, still just don't cut it and are not recommended for PvP. Blood Demons. About them. They look cool. That's it. Not recommended either.

 If you really really don't want to play a Thief or a bald guy or a dude dressed in rags, and you don't like Wu-Tang's pwnsome Pajamas, I guess you can play one, but really, do you want to risk becoming what looks like a reject from an 80's band with those bell bottoms? Looks don't matter, and that's the only reason Demons are close to the bottom, trust me.

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