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9Dragon A little Tip about raising buff lvls

Do you want to level you buff in 9Dragons ? OK , read the following steps , you will know how to do ...

You probebly already noticed this, but some might not have, to make it faster gain, while one cools down use another, get the 2 skills and put them in another bar if you want, so you can do normal setup and the buff up set up, when you go to buff seetup put 2 skills that take x to cast and the other one needs x to cooldown and vice versa, then while 1 skill coolls down you use another, so you get x2 as much exp since both as going up

NOTICE: all the steps are considered legitimate. If you think AFK-leveling is legit, this method is just an advanced version 9 dragons gold.

1.) Plug 2 (or more) keyboards into your Computer (e.g. 1 PS2, 1 USB or more)

2.) Go to the windows control panel. Keyboard. Lower the key repeat rate.

3.) Go to Hefei, buy 6 embodied crane satches and equipt them

4.) Target yourself (hotkey u) 9 dragons gold

5.) Keyjam the Tab-key on keyboard 1. You will permanently change between peace and combat mode.

6.) Keyjam the desired hotkey on keyboard 2.

7.) Go AFK and get a life.

Leveling buffs with low recast time: As soon as your VE will go to 0 the satches will kick in after a few seconds, leaving you with enough VE for more buffs...9 dragons gold

Leveling buffs with high recast time: The recast time will be enough to gain enough VE from the satches, so you will never run out of VE.


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