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Useful Abbreviations to 9Dragons Players

Dear players , glad to see you in Our website!

Here are some very useful abbreviations for you to learn , if you want to play well 9 dragons gold , you should know these basic terms of game language . Please have a look !

AoE - Area of Effect (skill)
BE - Blood Essence (rare item)
def - Defense
epi - Epithet
EW - External Wounds
HZ - Hangzhou (map)
JN - Jinan (map)
k - 1,000 (1k = 1,000 ; 2k = 2,000 ; etc.)
KS - Kill Steal
LD - Liaodong (map)
lvl - level
mill - million
KG - Korean Ginseng (heals 100% health instantly)
Necro - Necromancer (boss found in Hangzhou and Nanchang)
BWK - Blood Wolf King (boss found in ShiZhang and ZhengZhou)
VE - Vital Energy (the blue bar at the top left-hand corner)
PKers - Player Killers (people who kill other players without hesitation or regard)
HP - Health Points (or you could just say health ; the red bar at the top left-hand corner)
para - paralysis (effect in which you are paralyzed and cannot move/cast skills/change camera angles)
CC - Conqueror's Cave (map accessed only by going into Bloody Plains ; 9 dragons gold Player versus Player is activated in all servers for that area)

Thanks for reading and enjoy yourself here !

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