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AIKA: Latest Mount System Preview

Korean based JOYIMPACT updated the Mount System of their MMORPG AIKA and released the introduction of the new system on their Korean official site in the meanwhile. Now there're 6 kinds of uniquely designed mounts available for 6 professions to choose from. Here come the details:

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Mounts are more than pets

In traditional MMORPGs, mounts provide no more than faster movement speed, no other special features. But in Aika Online Gold, mounts will be hot to everyone, because they can also enhance character's attributes.

Mount effects:

- Attributes enhanced on regular mounts
- Attributes enhanced on special mounts (enhance more attributes than regular mounts)
- Enhance mounts with special equipment
- Equip equipment (three pieces at most) on mounts to enhance their abilities, Aika Online Gold and you can also change the skin to change their appearances
- Increase movement speed
- Gorgeous appearance (certain appearance corresponding to certain level) (special colors for exclusive mounts)
- Special skills for mounts (exclusive skills for special mounts that can be used in Summon state)
- Can not attack or use skills (in summon state, attack,Aika Gold and skills are prohibited)

To get mounts, you can either finish the exclusive quests on Lv 40, or buy them in the shopping mall. You can know about mount's stamina and other stats through exclusive interface system. Vital tip: When you're under attack on a mount, there's a chance that you may fall off the mount. The chance will be higher when your HP is on low level.

Introduction to Mounts for 6 Professions:

Warrior - Regulus

Improved from vehicles of warriors that were fostered in remote mountains, Reguluses are extremely loyal and vigorous, so the parliament bestows intermediate warriors with Reguluses for their loyalty. Being strong and unfearing, Reguluses match perfectly with warriors. Reguluses are different in color and shape, but the dream of a warrior is to obtain a legendary giant golden Regulus.

Crusader - Areion

Areions are bestowed to the glorious intermediate Crusaders. From the moment you mount on an Areion, you will become the genuine guardian of Aika Online Gold parliament, which brings supreme glory to the Crusaders Clan. Compared with regular horses, Areions are more brave, swift and loyal. They are bred from the first-class studhorses.


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