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Aika Global Introduces New Dungeons

Redbana has announced the inclusion of two new top-level dungeons into Aika Online. These two new dungeons feature seven bosses in addition to hordes of monsters to cut through to get there. In addition, Aika Online will be celebrating October with "Happy Halpereen" and the item shop has been updated with several new goodies as well.

It's time AIKA Legion Masters crown their legions for the work they’ve done. Tell the whole AIKA Global community about how big and strong your legions are and if you're impressive enough, you might just turn your legion into a celebrity status. aika gold puts your legion under the spotlight this month. The first 10 Legion masters to submit their applications will be qualified to the elimination round. Once qualified, your legion emblems will be uploaded on Facebook on October 15, 2010. The top 3 legions with the most number of likes by October 30, 2010 12:00 am EDT gets to be featured as the Legion for the month of November, December and January. Who says war stops in-game? It’s the kind of fame no blood spilling could get you.

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