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Aika Online OBT Tops Chart

HanbitSoft's Aika Online entered MUD4U's Top Anticipated MMOs in Korea chart at No. Aika Online is scheduled to enter open beta. In Aika Online, players will not only be able to enjoy monster fighting fun, but also can experience the innovative pet raising system and large-scale nation vs. nation wars. HanbitSoft released a nation vs. nation war gameplay video for Aika Online, which greatly impressed the players.

Dynasty Warriors Online, the action MMORPG developed by Japan-based Koei and published by CJ Internet in South Korea moved up to the second place this week. Its open beta is also scheduled.

The third place was taken by YNK Games' FPS game Sting. A lot of new content were added into Sting during its pre-open beta launched, including AI System, Mercenary Mode, etc. YNK Games updated the game every day based on the more than 500 suggestions collected from the testers and received high praises from the players. The open beta scheduled is really worth waiting.

In addition, Wemade's Avalon Online, (aika gold)GameHI's MMOTPS Metal Rage and Dragonfly's MMOFPS Karma II, and Chaotic Eden co-developed by Uniana and Konami were also included on the chart.

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