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Game Description and Comments

Darkfall is a highly anticipated 3D MMORPG that has been in development for several years. This game has gamers excited because it should offer players nearly limitless freedom inside the game world. ..


Darkfall Slot Machines

Darkfall Gold Claus gave the community a compact list of the features that will be introduced in the upcoming expansion, Conquer the Seas. Today, we will shed a bit more light on one of those features..


Darkfall Online beta begins

Darkfall Online beta test ahead of the full-game launch later this year. Head to the official site and register to join in.Darkfall Gold cities. Good and evil paths will be walked-down depending on de..


The Darkfall Community Publishing Program

darkfall funs:Darkfall Gold oriented clans, Darkfall fan sites and other relevant blogs and websites.Make 20% on all Darkfall client products. You don??t need a website to participate. You will get a ..


Darkfall Dynamic Lore System Trailer

Darkfall.Here is the outcome:Darkfall saw its first official Event. Where you happy with how it turned out?Yes we are, it went pretty well for an introductory test event of the Darkfall Dynamic Lore S..


Darkfall Announces Offline Skilling

Darkfall spokesperson Tasos has announced they will be introducing the ability to train certain character skills while offline. Is Darkfall trying to emulate EvEs success with this system?The fallout ..