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The Darkfall Community Publishing Program

Hello,dear darkfall funs:

Imagine earning a publishing-size cut every time someone follows your link to buy Darkfall. That??s what the Darkfall Community Publishing Program is all about.

We started this new and exciting program to reward our player-base for doing such a great job at promoting our game. After all, who knows Darkfall better than its players? We also wanted to offer a great fund-raising medium to Darkfall Gold oriented clans, Darkfall fan sites and other relevant blogs and websites.

Since Darkfall launched we have received hundreds of requests and inquires about offering an affiliate program. The Darkfall Online gold Community Publishing Program however is much more than an affiliate program. It??s not open to everyone, only Darkfall players with an active subscription can participate. There is a substantial payout on all Darkfall client sales. The best Community Publishers will earn more than the standard share and be invited to cooperate with the Aventurine Publishing Team. Some may even be offered further opportunities in the gaming industry.

The Darkfall Community Publishing Program in a nutshell:

Available exclusively to Darkfall Gold Players with an active subscription.
Make 20% on all Darkfall client products.
You don??t need a website to participate. You will get a unique link that you can share.
There??s an assortment of community publisher banners you can use on your website or blog.
Top community publishers will be offered higher commission structures for subsequent sales.
Each community publisher has an administration panel which details their current and total referrals and earnings.
Payouts are handled through PayPal.

How to participate in the Darkfall Community Publishing Program:

Log into the account management system: EU Servers | NA Servers
Go to the Community Publishing Tab.
Agree with the Community Publishing Agreement after you??ve read it carefully.
Payouts will be handled exclusively through PayPal, make sure you have a valid email address associated with your Darkfall Gold account.
Get your Community Publisher link, and/or select your banners and you??re ready to go!

For full details on the Darkfall Online gold Community Publishing Program please see the Community Publisher Agreement available in account management. There will also be many followups on this topic in the near future.


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