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Some time ago, Darkfall Gold Claus gave the community a compact list of the features that will be introduced in the upcoming expansion, “Conquer the Seas”. Today, we will shed a bit more light on one of those features and specifically, new housing objects.

The item that we will present to you warranted its own spotlight thread because it’s not only a house decoration; it also introduces a new feature in the game. So without further ado we present the Darkfall Gold Slot Machines!

These items of wonder and wealth come in 2 different types. Those 2 types will be differentiated by their betting amount. One of the coolest things about them is that there will be 2 global jack pots, one for each type of slot machine, that anyone playing will have a chance of winning.

They will be placed in your house like all the other objects, through deeds you find while adventuring. It will be possible to place them in all types of houses no matter their size and Darkfall Gold anyone can use them. This allows the home owner to leave his house open for random players to go in and use the slot machine, making village life more interesting.

So get your coins stacked and head out there for some slot machine action in Agon! This image of one of the slot machines should get you in the right mood, serving as an introduction of gambling in Darkfall Gold!

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