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Game Description and Comments

Darkfall is a highly anticipated 3D MMORPG that has been in development for several years. This game has gamers excited because it should offer players nearly limitless freedom inside the game world. Characters do not have classes and there are no levels to grind in Darkfall. Instead, combat depends on a player's skill. Players can kill other players at any time and can loot all of the dead players' items. Nearly any item can be crafted in the game as well as houses and entire cities. Cities can also be captured and destroyed by players. There are repercussions to being too destructive, however, since the game uses an alignment system. All players start out as neutral and then their alignment changes based on their actions in the game. As of this writing, Darkfall is still in beta testing but it could change the face of MMORPGs if it gains and maintains a strong player base. With a strong player base and these innovations, Darkfall could quickly become a top MMORPG.Key Features

Pay to play.
No classes.
Combines strategy and action in real-time.
Open PvP with no safe zones.
Too much player killing could result in an alignment change.
Alignment is based on a player's conduct in the game.
Combat depends on player skill.
Darkfall Online gold Players can be looted of all of their items when they die.
No character levels.
Houses can be built by players.
Cities can be built and captured by players.
Darkfall Gold Players can fight via ships.
Can craft nearly anything in the game.
Realistic weather.
Players can fight on mounts.
Mounts can be captured by other players.

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