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Darkfall Dynamic Lore System Trailer

We took the opportunity, after first official event, to ask some questions of the Developer Team about future events in Darkfall.
Here is the outcome:
Darkfall saw its first official Event. Where you happy with how it turned out?
Yes we are, it went pretty well for an introductory test event of the Darkfall Dynamic Lore System. It went smoothly considering that the majority of tools to support the system won't be in place until after the November "Conquer the Seas" Expansion. On the other hand we didn't think that so many Darkfall Gold players would actually be defending the caravan and we expected a lot more attackers. I believe that the attackers were thrown off by the hints we were giving. In future events we'll make sure that we communicate these hints more clearly. We also want to thank all the players that showed interest in and offered to participate and support our test event. We are Darkfall Gold aware that we left some players out of the loop who would have loved to participate and hope to not have this happen in the future.

Will there be other Events similar to this?
First of all, these are not normal MMO stand-alone Events of which you might see for Halloween or for Christmas. These events are part of the Dynamic Darkfall Lore System. Players will notice that their involvement is going to have an actual impact on the world lore and the history of Agon. So yes, this is an integral part of Darkfall and will be an ongoing game mechanic. We're also adding more tools to help players to join in on these events more easily.
It is very important for us to create a unique experience for each Darkfall Online gold player. These Dynamic events allow players to not only impact the event itself but also the game and the gameworld directly.


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