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Elsword: Manga-Style Side Scroller Goes into Open Beta

Get ready for some intense comic book style action as you hack and slash your way through Elsword, the first free-to-play MMORPG from publishers Kill3rCombo. Inspired by Manga, the MMORPG is now in the Open Beta testing phase and anyone can join in the fun. 

Elsword According to the publishers, Kill3rCombo, the Open Beta testing phase of Elsword(Elsword ED) kicked off today. The Open Beta takes the online game one step closer to the official launch and lets everyone get in on the action before the game is even finished!

If you would like to register to participate in the Elsword Open Beta test, you can go to the game’s homepage. Simply signup by entering the required information and then you are ready to become an official Open Beta tester.

Elsword is a free-to-play game that features classic comic book styling and anime-inspired themes. Fight alone or solo in intense dungeon battles as your skills are put to the test against some of the most powerful creatures ever seen. Develop your character and see how they change from their voice to their appearance.

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