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Rusty Hearts's 1st Developer Diary to Reveal Much Detail on Frantz

With two weeks to go until Rusty Hearts Closed Beta launches! Until now, Rusty Hearts has not revealed much detail on Frantz, the third main character in Rusty Hearts. This week, Perfect World Entertainment is releasing the first Rusty Hearts Developer Diary and spotlighting Frantz in a blogpost.

Today's developer diary combines intense combat scenes, beautiful cel-shaded art style, as well as details about the core gameplay and interesting character identities to give players insight on which character they'd like to play as, the pros and cons of using a keyboard or controller, and more.

As a creature trapped in limbo between human and monstrosity, Frantz's mission in life revolves around his search for his long lost fiancé to return the blood that he took from her to save her life. Frantz's colossal weapons combined with flawless swordplay, quick feet, and dark magic make him an unstoppable force.

Bio: A gloomy man from the start, Frantz Kruger's life took a turn for the worse when he was bitten by a vampire. Unable to resist the temptation, he bit just one person - his fiancé Amelia after she was involved in a tragic and life-threatening accident. Frantz bit her only to save her life, but at the same time doomed her to the life of a vampire.

At the time of the incident, Frantz was only a half-human, half-vampire hybrid, (Rusty Hearts Gold)and instead of letting the blood complete his transformation, Frantz sealed the blood inside of him and used the force of his own will to halt the process. He now exists as a creature trapped in limbo between human and monstrosity. As a side-effect of his condition, he suffers from chronic anemia and insomnia, giving him and ashen appearance and a sullen, sarcastic disposition.

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