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Rusty Hearts Preview Hands-on

Rusty Hearts is a hack-slash dungeon crawler Mmorpg with Anime visuals and graphics, that is about to open its doors. Perfect World Entertainment which is the company behind this title has recently announced that this popular acclaimed Mmorpg will start its first Closed-Beta Phase. In this way, just for our loyal Gamewhs, we prepared this Preview which gives an in-deep view of how the game looks like before the official Closed Beta Phase starts. 

This preview will contain many in-game system features review and some other information regarding the game basics. However, there were some features that couldn't be reviewed, as for the game isn't out yet, and in an up-coming real review more systems will be included. Anyway, let’s see what Rusty Hearts world and all its in-game systems are about.

Rusty Hearts: The Game Story Line and Characters
The Rusty Hearts storyline revolves around its Heroes, who want to defend the world peace, and combat against the Lord Vlad evil Forces. In fact, He is the leader of the vampire race, and his main objective is to destroy the humans and half-vampires, to be sure the vampire race remains pure and not mixed. As heroes, our job will be to battle against Lord Vlad forces, which means we will have to go through many dungeons and sceneries which will be unlocked once we progress into the whole game storyline.

On the other hand, all the characters in Rusty Hearts have important designed roles,(Rusty Hearts Gold) since the game will require us to follow the storyline in order to go on with the game. In this way, there are currently three available heroes: two of them are males and the other one is a female. These three characters have their own abilities, backgrounds, storylines, and unique characteristics. Here's a brief story behind the game's characters and what we must expect about each of them.

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