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Weapon Tip for Grand Fantasia players

First you can see the 1 Handed axes on the side tend to deal a tad bit less damage per hit than a 2 handed axe, however they attack a lot faster and when combined can give better abilities and higher chances of said abilities to activate. Also since the dual wielding talent increases attack speed and one of your masteries do so as well with axes you end up attacking really fast and hard, making this a really nice choice at high levels(buy grand fantasia gold).

Then for the 2 Handed axes are more common cause they have the greatest attack power in Grand Fantasia. Two handed swords tend to have about 50% less attack power than 2 handed axes, they however attack faster than the axes but when you are spamming skills ASPD doesn't count for much(grand fantasia gold). Also 2 handed axes tend to give stats bonus in Str, vit and sometimes agi, while two handed swords tend to have bonus on agi, str and vit.

Making them better for Rangers at certain levels. Most serkers switch to the level 2 handed sword as mentioned before since this sword comes equipped with insane damage dealing abilities at level 60. Also another reason why serkers use Axes the most is cause at level 45 you can unlock your Master skills, most of them are related to axes. Thus making Axes an even more useful choice.You can buy grand fantasia gold.


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