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Latest Methods play Grand Fantasia

This is Latest Methods play Grand Fantasia guide. Brushes XD: level 80 and above FS + 3 brushes XD fly open 10 hours a day, down will be able to have 300 buy gold plus RP can brush more than 4, the experience, there are over 2 million! Is a good choice! But want a little time! This for ordinary and boring like the laid-back friend!

Selling cards: the area is a 1500 Dianka 320W, 3000 Point of Sale black spots on the 660W, cheaper to 630W! 4800 points directly 1000W! So the rich can be considered under the selling point card!

Reselling Dianka or BB: For example: you bought a 700W is only 90 Lotus door people, skills, group method, single-France, France and the high, UT! The mind is 2.15x or above it, and that if the world shout, this is only for the price of the door were turned over a multiple of the maximum available for sale 1400W! However, a higher life expectancy and skills to more than 8 Oh! Skills is low and life expectancy is about 900W on the greatly reduced price to sell it, its own way only a small profit of 200W Grand Fantasia Gold!

Punch: punch card is to summon the skills of animal fighting on the card, and on market to sell, can sell for more than 100W, good skills, such as: group method 650W +, level 5 and above in a single Faca 260W +, than for killing 300W +, even 300W + hit cards and other cards can be a better price! As long as more refining card, grasp a few more than just killing, batter, heavy blow pumping, to sell the market or the world earn 150W cheap Grand Fantasia Gold, heavy hit on the sale of multi-200W! 

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