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Best way of making money in Grand Fantasia

Everyone has been suffering Dollarshort when you play Grand Fantasia. It will definitely affect you level(Cheap Grand Fantasia Gold) up. Keep doing all these quests you see for the extra money and fame!

Take note of the Repetitive (REP) Quests, where you turn in some items and get gold as reward. If you are in a guild, accept the Guild Quest and finish it for the extra income. When you reach around level 21, you can start doing PC (Prairie Cave) runs. Prairie Cave is at the top-left corner in Kaslow Plains. Remember to accept the quests for that dungeon! More information here. Aside of those quests, talk to the "Monster Hunting Board" near the entrance to Prairie Cave. Buy the Quest Scroll, activate it, kill the bosses (inside PC) and turn it in at the Board.

Easy cash and Gear! You can do this as many times as you want, as long as you're under level 30. As you progress in the game, money will be much easier to get. Best way is "SCAMMING" yeah you know it not accepted by the masses though. and you need to have a really golden tongue to do so a greedy victim. since most scammed players are the greedy ones (no offence) . Second , you'll need to be at a high level with leet gear boss hunting . Third , don't have to have a leet gear but in a party dungeon hunt and REP quest do rep quests .

Buy and sell can also give you a lot of returns. RISKY though Link to This post Mark unread You should also sign up for the Grand Fantasia Gold Newsletter that will be sent to your e-mail every month. In the Newsletter will be a code that you can use to redeem 2 Magic Alchemy Clays. Or participate in various forum events for fun ánd the reward.

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